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Author Profile】 【作者簡介】

Author: Alfred H.C. Wu

Born in Taoyuan,Taiwanin 1952, a Gemini, now lives in Vienna, Austria. Interests and expertise: music, art, golf, scuba diving, snooker, gourmet food, cigars and wine tasting; senior tour guide with knowledge of history of multiple European destinations.

Collection of classical vinyl records: the complete analog stereo recordings from DECCA & LONDON RECORDS; the complete SRCS & SR Series from the LYRITA & MERCURY RECORDS; all the 35mm master tapes recordings of the EVEREST RECORDS and the complete RCA Living Stereo (LSC & LDS) Series from LSC 1806 to LSC 3045 (All Shaded dog & White dog labels).
In addition, the non-series collections from many selective famous recordings are
approximately 10,000 records in total.


1967-70        Hsin Chu Senior High school. A member of the chorus studied under music professor Su Sen-yong.

1974             Graduated from the University of Chinese Culture, Department of Industry and Labor Relations. A member and assistant director of the college chorus, Hwa-Gang chorus.

1976             Graduate School of the University of Chinese Culture, Institute of Industry and Labor Relations

1977             Immigrated to Vienna, Austria.

1978-1982    Studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and at the Musicology Institute of the University of Vienna. Established theTaiwan Student Association and was one of the initiators of the student journal〈Danube〉, started to write prose and poetry and to collect the vinyl records.

1992             Director of the Vienna Taipei Chamber Orchestra, the founder was the chief music director, Mr. Lü Shao-chia.

1999             President of the Chinese Association in Austria.

2011             President of theTaiwan Commerce Association in Austria.

2015-6          President of The Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Europe

From 2016 Honorary President of The Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Europe

1982-2018 The founder of Austria Green Golf Club and opened a “147 Snooker Club” in Vienna. Used to be the owner of the Italian restaurant “Casa Bella”; Japanese grill restaurant; Chinese restaurant “Ostwind”,” New Ostwind” and the “Imperial Garden” with German gourmet magazine accreditation.
In order to accommodate the trend, established “East Europe Travel Service”, acted as chairman, and became one of the pioneers for developing the tourism market of Taiwanese traveling to East Europe and
Russia. Under the leadership with art-loving and enthusiasm, “EETS” is now an unique and exquisite Europe travel agent for all Asian Chinese.



興趣與專長:音樂、藝術、高爾夫、水肺潛水、斯諾克、美食、雪茄、品酒以及旅遊。經典的黑膠唱片收藏有,DECCA 和 LONDON 唱片出版的全部立體聲類比錄音;全套的LYRITA 和 MERCURY 唱片的SRCS及SR系列版本;全部的 EVEREST 唱片採用35mm母帶的錄音以及RCA唱片Living Stereo (LSC和LDS)系列,從編號LSC 1806到LSC 3045,影子狗與白狗版本的錄音;另外未系列收藏的許多選擇性名家錄音約一萬多張。












旅奧期間曾創辦奧地利綠茵高爾夫球隊,也曾經營開設維也納147斯諾克撞球俱樂部(147 Snooker Club);Casa Bella義大利餐館;東風、東來順、曰本燒烤餐廳及德語系美食雜誌列入Haube推薦的第一家中國餐廳-皇園餐廳。1988年之前也從事維也納中文專業導遊工作,之後,為順應當時時局,開展了早期臺灣人赴東歐與俄羅斯的旅遊簽證管道,而成立了”東歐旅遊中心”,且開闢了之後的旅遊行程與觀光市場,直到現在發展為經營全歐精緻旅遊的”歐洲之星DMC旅遊目的地管理公司” 並擔任總裁。

【Family Members 家庭成員, Ying Wu, John Wu & Jenny Wu】


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